POP UP! GLUPPA art, food, and travel
Urban art discovery and flavors of the Marche Region (Italy)
MAC Manifestazioni Artistiche Contemporanee launches a new marketing project with a blogtour and two artists’ residencies to describe Marche, through art, taste and travel

POP UP GLUPPA! Art, food and travel combines urban art with the gastronomy, rich cultural heritage, and landscapes of the Marche region. MAC Manifestazioni Artistiche Contemporanee has launched this new project to promote Marche through the region’s wine and food, and the exhibition of 24 public art works created by international artists for the avant garde festival POP UP! Arte Contemporanea nello Spazio Urbano (Contemporary Art in the Urban Space).

               MAC is organizing a blogtour from March 30 to April 2, 2017, financed by Funder 35 of Foundation ACRI and supported by the Culture and Tourism Council of the Marche Region and sponsored by the CNA Province of Ancona and Condotta SlowFood Ancona-Conero.

               Five international bloggers (Mi prendo e mi porto via, Ciao tutti!, DreamEuroTrip, Costanza Rinaldi Huffington Post, EverySteph) from Northern Europe and Italy will participate in the tour, which was conceived to be a unique experience. They will be hosted by the Tenuta San Settimio Arcevia and See Port Hotel Ancona, an upscale, private, agritourism retreat, and a first class hotel, respectively. Both are also partners in the project. The blogtour will be transmitted in real time on social networks with the hashtag #popupgluppa and is scheduled for four intense days, consisting of: two urban art itineraries in the city of Ancona and the hinterland of the Colli Esini Frasassi, culinary experiences, and visits to historic small villages of Marche, all organised by a team of local experts.

The hope and expectation is that POP UP! GLUPPA art, food and travel will, through incoming tourism activities and an outward flow of unique regional products, provide an opportunity to reach an international cosmopolitan audience, with an awareness of the connection between taste, art and travel, while at the same time creating a network of tourist operators, hospitality entrepreneurs, agricultural producers, craftsmen, lovers of good food and wine, and international artists.

The physical element chosen to represent this project is “la gluppa”, a knotted handkerchief used in the countryside of Marche to carry personal items or food, in this case made using artisanal fabrics and containing a selection of products carefully chosen from the finest offerings of local companies. Our gluppa will also include a travel guide with various intineraries of Marche.

       The gluppa has been created by Moneyless, an international artist, in collaboration with the Antica Stamperia of Emanuele Francioni in Carpegna, selected to represent the high quality traditional craftsmanship of Marche. The gluppa, although used for a specific function, is a piece of art, born of the fusion of art and craft. For the first time, Moneyless chose to work with block printing, an ancient hand printing technique which uses carved wooden blocks on fabric. Using this technique, colors and rust on cotton and hemp fabric, he has produced our Gluppa, a perfect combination of craftsmanship and the vision of a contemporary artist.

               The project begins with a journey to discover the Marche region through the work of the famous Italian artist Moneyless. The artists’ residencies period is designed as a road trip artists’ residenciesto discover and interact with the places, people, landscapes, and peculiarities of Marche. Moneyless creates new wallpaintings characterized by his poetic style and aesthetics, and acts as a guardian and interpreter of the culture and history of the Marche region. His murals enrich the Pop Up! open air art gallery and offer the visitor unexpected visions of the renewed cultural heritage and landscape of Marche, while also allowing for the discovery of hidden resources belonging to this intangible patrimony. Local daily life is documented and emotionally expressed in the images of filmmaker Matteo Fiumani. Originally a native of Marche, he currently divides his time between Ancona and Los Angeles. His work expertly captures the connections between land, art and innovation, as they play out against the background of Marche.


POP UP! GLUPPA Art, Food and Travel
A regional marketingplan to promote all that Marche has to offer

Manifestazioni Artistiche Contemporanee www.maconline.it is a creative and cultural enterprise engaged in enhancing and promoting the Marche region as a space for artistic experimentation and as a tourist destination. Since 2008, MAC has produced the avant-garde festival POP UP! Arte Contemporanea nello Spazio Urbano which is responsible for creating over time an open-air gallery with 24 permanent works of international urban artists. The gallery is constantly expanding.

        MAC launches POP UP! GLUPPA Art, Food and Travel as a regional marketing plan to promote this contemporary artistic heritage and to create a strong synergy between Marche and new forms of art. This maketing plan describes and promotes a brand through contemporary art, taste and travel, and creates an explosive blend of tradition and modernity! The project won the Funder35 notice of ACRI Foundation, is co-financed by the Marche Region and sponsored by CNA Province of Ancona and Slow Food Conero- Ancona, and is realized by a partnership with agricultural enterprises, hotels and agrotourism, and carefully selected artisan’s workshops chosen to represent the excellent craftsmanship of the Marche region. POP UP! GLUPPA Art, Food and Travel consists of three elements: a box of highly selected products from the Marche, with original packaging made by international urban artist, and travel itineraries to discover urban art. The project is designed to reach an international audience, cosmopolitan and sensitive to the connection between taste, art and travel, and to promote a brand in major European and International “squares” .

The project emphasizes food & wine, the scenery from the hills to the villages and the Adriatic Sea, entrepreneurial experiences, traditions handed down from generation to generation; the innovation explodes thanks to the art.

             MAC organizes a blogtour with international bloggers and two artists’ residencies on the road in Marche to promote this unique project POP UP! GLUPPA Art, Food and Travel.